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Because Fathers Cannot be Replaced!

Children Need their Fathers

Their is a plethora of studies that support the idea that children need their fathers. There is no study, to my knowledge, that supports the idea that it is healthy for a child to lose his or her father. In fact, the studies support the idea that fathers can have profound effects on their children, even influencing their biological features.

If you are a father in Central Illinois, needing to protect your child's rights to having a father in their life, call our Bloomington Illinois office at (309) 319-6206 to schedule a Free Initial Consultation.

The Bloomington Law Group LLC is a law firm in Bloomington Illinois that is dedicated to keeping both parents in a child's life. The sad reality is that fathers are typically the parent that finds himself needing to defend his position as a continuing parent of his children. In a perfect world, no parent should have to fight to stay in their child's life. But, we do not live in a perfect world. If you are a father, and if you are going through a divorce, or other custody case, in McLean County Illinois, you are probably realizing that you are going to have to fight to make sure that your children have their father in their lives. Please Contact our Bloomington Illinois office today.

It's Personal

Attorney Jon D. McLaughlin is a father of three energetic little kids. While he enjoys his legal work and helping his clients at the office, his favorite time of the day is walking through his front door and getting bombarded by his children. This daily interaction between father and children is something that must not be lost just because of a divorce. In fact, Attorney McLaughlin's opinion is that these interactions become much more important because the children have experienced the separation of their parents. Attorney McLaughlin is dedicated to fighting for father's rights in Bloomington-Normal Illinois. To See Jon D. McLaughlin's profile, Click Here.

Fathers can (and do) gain Custody in Bloomington

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Bloomington Illinois Fathers Rights
Attorney Jon D. McLaughlin is dedicated to keeping fathers where they belong--in their children's lives. Visit his profile by Clicking Here, or call our Bloomington Illinois law firm at (309) 319-6206 in order to schedule a consultation today.
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